PAF’s aircraft carrying relief goods reach Turkiye

F.P. Report

ISLAMABAD: IL-78 aircraft of Pakistan Air Force carrying tents and relief goods from PAF base, Lahore has reached Adana, Turkiye.

According to detail, the ilyushin-78 aircraft is carrying 16.5 tons of humanitarian assistance relief goods from people of Pakistan for the earthquake affected brethren of Turkiye.

Pakistan Air Force is also making all out efforts to repatriate stranded Pakistanis in coordination with Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Pakistan Embassy in Turkiye. 08 Pakistani passengers will be evacuated on the PAF IL-78 aircraft on its was back to Pakistan.

Meanwhile, in line with Prime Minister Muhammad Shehbaz Sharif’s directive, about 200.7 tons of relief assistance including 18 tons of winterized tents had been sent to the quake-affected people of the brotherly country Turkiye.

The request for tents was made by the Turkish government to save hundreds of thousands of the quake-affected people who were bracing the severe cold. So far, different flights of Pakistan International Airlines (PIA) and Pakistan Air Force (PAF) have delivered 200.7 tons of relief goods including winterized blankets to the quake-affected populace of Turkiye.

Sharing the latest details of the quake, the Turkish health minister informed media that more than 20,213 people had lost their lives in the 10 affected provinces while 80,052 others were injured. A total of 67 survivors were also rescued from the rubble in the last 24 hours. 1666 aftershocks were recorded so far in the aftermath of two massive tremors that brought unprecedented destruction in Turkiye.

According to experts, Turkiye lies on two fault lines. The recent double earthquake was far more intense than anything seen since 1939. The first quake registered a magnitude 7.8, followed by another of 7.5 tremor.