Pakistan strongly condemns the Israeli attack and stands in solidarity with Palestinian

Muhammad Asad

ISLAMABAD: Pakistan expressed its serious concerns over Israeli attacks on the worshipping Palestinian Muslims in Al-Aqsa Mosque, and Pakistan stands with Palestinian Brothers.

While addressing a news conference in Islamabad, Foreign Minister of Pakistan Shah Mahmood Qureshi said brutal use of force against innocent Palestinian worshippers by Israeli Forces is unacceptable, Pakistan strongly condemn the Israeli inhumane action in Al-Aqsa Mosque and called for immediate de-escalation of the situation.

Qureshi also suggested an immediate Ministerial level meeting of the OIC and a Special emergency meeting of UN General Assembly to discuss the situation. According to Qureshi, the civilized International Community and Secretary General UNO had condemned the Israeli actions and called for immediate De-escalation of the situation.

While deliberating on Prime Minister Imran Khan recent visit to Saudi Arabia, Qureshi said that it was an unusual visit on the invitation of Saudi Crown Prince Mohammed Bin Sulman. According to Qureshi, both sides had open and cordial discussions and Pakistan categorically appraised it’s aspirations toward Kingdom of Saudi Arabia as being Custodian of two holy mosques and founder and host of OIC.

The main achievement was the in placement of Structure Mechanism comprising of three pillars mainly Political and Security, Trade and Investment and Cultural domains. According to Qureshi, both Countries discussed each other needs and deliberated how they can be fulfilled through mutual cooperation.

He informed the media that under Crown Prince Mohammed Bin Sulman’s vision-2030, Saudi Arabia will need about 1.5 million additional work force in coming few years. KSA promised to recruit a significant numbers of skilled work forces from Pakistan, and we need to prepare our self for that end. Qureshi informed the media men that UAE and Qatar also expressed their desire for Pakistani workers in near future.

While briefing on the recent visit to KSA, Qureshi said that Saudi Arabia has extended US $ 500 million for renewable energy and Hydro Power projects in Pakistan. According to him, a high-level delegation of Saudi Officials will pay a visit to Pakistan in coming days to sort out modalities of the currently signed agreements and MoUs between the two countries.

He also told the media that Foreign Minister of Saudi Arabia and Crown Prince Mohammed Bin Sulman both will visit Pakistan on convenient dates during current year. While responding to a media query Qureshi observed that Saudi Arabia has a leadership role in the Muslim world.

According to him, there are positive developments in the Middle East region including Saudi Iran engagement and Qatar normalization of relations with other Gulf states. Pakistan also desires for brotherly relations of all Middle East Nations and well come these positive developments in the region.

While responding to question regarding Saudi Arabia offer of mediation on Kashmir Dispute, Qureshi noted that Pakistan never refused to third party mediation of any country and it will welcome mediation offer by other countries including KSA or UAE, however he categorically said that currently no formal talks are under way between India and Pakistan. He informed media men that Kashmir issue was discussed with Saudi leadership and Pakistan fully appraised them with ongoing situation in the valley and Indian unilateral action of August 5, 2019.

Qureshi informed the media that Chief of Army Staff General Qamar Javed Bajwa and DG ISI visit to Kabul was very fruitful and encouraging. Pakistan assured Afghan leadership of his strong support to Afghan peace process because Peace in Afghanistan is in the interest of Pakistan. Pakistan will partner peace, it had play and will always play the role of a facilitator in peace. While responding to a media query regarding reservations of Afghan leaders, Qureshi said Pakistan is not with any group, Pakistan is with Afghan, with Afghan peace, Pakistan is struggling for that end and will continue this struggle in future also.

According to him, the outsider like Pakistan can only play a facilitator role however, these are Afghan themselves who must end their controversy and differences among themselves and ceased this opportunity of peace.

While answering a question regarding provision of bases to America during withdrawal, Qureshi categorically denied this news.

While responding a query about Indian article 370, he said that there is no doubt about importance of article 370 for the Kashmiris who lives in IIOJK or who participated in politics under Indian administration like Farooq Abdullah etc., because it gave them a separate identity, there fore abolishment of this article forcefully opposed by the people of IIOJK, because it changed their citizenry status.

Where as Article 35A was prohibition of grant of citizenship or property rights to non-Kashmiris. Now after August 5, Indian government is issuing domiciles to non-Kashmiris and in an effort to change the demographics of the valley. Pakistan is strongly opposing this Indian design. As for as Kashmir dispute is concerned it is on the charter of UNSC and no body can change it by his desire through unilateral action. Kashmir dispute will be resolve under UNSC resolutions.