Pakistani actress Mahira brings in ‘M by Mahira’

F.P. Report

KARACHI: Lollywood diva Mahira Khan recently started her brand titled ‘M by Mahira’.

Today February 10 was the launch day of her brand.

Mahira shared the first post of her brand for promotion.

She was wearing a white dress in two gallery pictures, hiding her face with dupatta.

“Suno…”, she captioned the post.

She decided to start her own brand keeping in mind how much her fans admired her white Kurtas.

An account was made under the name “M by Mahira” in which the Humsafar star messaged her team, Hey guys! Can I get my white kurtas back?

“Stolen from the closet of @mahirahkhan so we could bring all the right white kurtas into yours”, the video captioned.

The brand will reportedly focus mainly on White Kurtas as Mahira, in an interview stated that she would choose a White Kurta Shalwar if she had to wear one thing for the rest of her life.

Mahira’s team will launch the first collection under the name “Razia” as she was very close to her Nani (whose name was Razia) and always was deeply inspired by her timeless poise, grace and elegance.

Mahira has a huge fan following on all of her social media platforms. Mahira is one of the most talented showbiz personalities.

She was always loved and admired by the netizens because of her acting skills and her bold, unique and classy sense of style and dressing.