Pakistani community demands representation in city council

F.P. Report

CHICAGO: The contesting candidate for Chicago mayor-ship Brenden Johnson promised seat for Pakistani community at city council along with provision of free residential facilities for marginalized segments of the society in case of securing the slot.

This he announced while addressing Pakistani community during dinner arranged by the community in his honor. He added that uplift of marginalized segments especially Pakistani should be prioritize in the polices. On the occasion, Pakistani community’s chief Dr. Sartaj Ali Khan and patron-in-chief Syed Umar Khan briefed the contesting candidate Brenden Johnson about issues and throw light on its redressal. They added that Pakistani community would support Brenden Johnson in upcoming election for slot of city council mayor-ship.

Dr. Sartaj Ali Khan informed that Pakistani community deprive from representation at city council along with low income families didn’t facilitated with free residence. The contesting candidate claimed that he believes in collective working to uplift public irrespective creed and race. He added that after securing the slot a seat for Pakistani community at city council should allotted as well as free residential facilities will be provided to the income members of the community.