Pamir residents received
Tazkira free of charge

BADAKHSHAN (Agencies): 571 people received national identity cards free of charge in 4 development councils (Haq Jalgha, Bazai Gunbad, Chahel Ab, Harghil) which are based on Pamir Khord with the financial support of the administration of Badakhshan.
The provincial head of Statistics and Information of Badakhshan, said that a team consisting of staff of the department traveled to the Pamir to survey and distribute citizenship cards (National Identity Card) and in Wakhan district of Badakhshan, adding that 571 people received their national identity cards (Tazkira) so far.
The department intends to cover the distribution of tazkira services for the residents of Pamir and the people who are not able to participate in the survey in Pamir Khord in the spring of 1402.
Meanwhile, Pamir residents warmly hailed this process and demanded the implementation of school, clinic and road services. Formerly, the Department of Statistics and Information had distributed NIC to the residents of Pamir through the PNU project in 2017.