Project worth 5 million Afs
commence in Nangarhar province

KABUL (Agencies): with the financial support of UNDP in this province, the reconstruction works of the 3km canal have started with a financial cost of 5 million Afghanis, say the officials of Agriculture, Irrigation and Livestock of Nangarhar department.
The provincial head of agriculture and livestock of Nangarhar, Mawlavi Abdul Sattar Mohammad, said that the canal was damaged due to the recent rainfall.
The canal is 3 kilometers long, of which 700 meters will be cleaned and the remaining part will be basically restored, he added.
With the commencement of the project, 390 people will be recruited in the reconstruction of the canal, and after the completion of the project, irrigation water will be provided to 32 thousand acres of farmland in Nangarhar say, officials.