Performance Audit Wing arranges three courses

LAHORE (APP): Performance Audit Wing (PAW), Lahore has conducted courses on performance Auditing in the perspective of IT environment i.e. AMIS, “Simulation Exercises on Presentation skills for PAC” and “Performance Audit Cycle, planning phase” which were attended by 53 officers across the country.
These courses were designed & conducted to improve and strengthen the skills of the participants under the supervision of the qualified trainers, the PAW spokesman told media here Sunday.
The resource person explained purpose & benefits of audit i.e value addition by evaluating effectiveness of risk management on both IT and organizational aspects, an independent assessment on whether the project has reached stated objectives & Identification of key risks early on in the project.
The main areas covered in this short course were Introduction to IT, Impact of IT, Performance Auditing of IT Projects, IT Program Management, The Importance of Auditing IT Projects, Purpose and Benefits of Audit Involvement, Performance Auditing in IT Environment and IT Audit Areas. Simulation Exercises for Public Accounts Committee (PAC) was successfully conducted.
The main idea of these simulation exercises was to improve the presentation skills of PAAS officers. Topics covered in course performance auditing cycle planning phase were introduction of PSR & its components, template of PSR, Risk assessment, Preliminary audit objectives & scope and audit issues of potential significance. Developing audit design matrix to establish a clear relationship between, audit objectives, audit methodology, anticipated field work to be carried out. Case studies, short scenarios and practical exercises were also discussed to engage the participants and make the learning experience more interactive and meaningful.