PM Khan hails Asad Qaiser’s performance as NA speaker

F.P. Report

ISLAMABAD: Prime Minister of Pakistan Imran Khan calls upon Speaker of the National Assembly Asad Qaiser today (Friday) to discuss current political scenario and matters pertaining to the parliament.

Ideas among both individuals were exchanged to pull the country out of the current economic rut, where conferring with various political parties and seeking their counsel on the matter was agreed upon.

The speaker took the Prime Minister into confidence upon the formation of a high-powered Parliamentary Committee to oversee the economic issues.

The members of the committee will be able to give their valuable input in regards to steering Pakistan out of the economic turmoil.

It was reported that PM Khan was happy with the way the speaker national assembly has and was conducting parliamentary proceedings and maintaining a peaceful and composed house post the corruption allegations and ongoing investigations.

The Prime Minister was also observed congratulating Asad Qaiser for running the house democratically.

The Prime Minister expressed hope that the situation will proceed and all political parties in the house would play their role in keeping the operations peaceful.

“Matters pertaining to the oppositions hue and cry during the announcement of the Federal Budget and the issue of production orders for detained political leaders was resolved amicably,” the Prime Minister said.

Asad Qaiser in response thanked the PM and said that all members of the Parliament were equal to him and he would not show bias or tilt towards anyone.

Qaiser stressed on the need for law-making which is the primary responsibility of the national assembly and delays on the matter would may not bode well.

The speaker said that the entire country was focusing on its National Assembly nowadays.

Speaking about the production orders, the speaker opined that the orders are issued bearing in mind all necessary protocols and laws related to the matter.