PM revises office timings under his austerity plan

ISLAMABAD (INP): The government under its austerity plan has announced working hours in offices from 7:30 in the morning to cut expenses and conserve electricity on Sunday.
The federal cabinet’s all members have opted to work voluntarily without salaries and other official perks to save 200 billion rupees in a year under the prime minister’s austerity plan.
The government has also announced to return back luxury vehicles given to all cabinet members. The cabinet has also banned its members stay in five-star hotels during their overseas visits.
Prime minister Shehbaz Sharif last Wednesday announced an austerity plan to save the national resources. The PM said that austerity is the top priority of his government and the need of the hour.
He said that life has become tougher for the poors. “We have to learn lessons from the past and move forward”, he said. “The elite have to play pivotal role as the entire nation is looking at us,” he said. He urged ministers, special assistants and advisers, to sacrifice and support the government’s austerity drive.
It is pertinent to mention here that there is increasing demand in the public domain from the government and other elite to live within limited resources.
Recently, Federal Minister for Planning and Development Ahsan Iqbal had returned back his official vehicle. It is worth mentioning here that the Prime Minister had issued direction to his Cabinet for reducing non-developmental expenses to minimize burden on the
national exchequer.