Political and humanitarian issues should by separated

KABUL (Agencies): Deputy Prime Minister of the Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan in a meeting with Deputy Director of “IRC” organization said: “That political affairs and humanitarian issues, should be separated.”
Deputy Prime Minister, Mawlavi Abdul Salam Hanafi, met with Mrs. Medlien Deputy of International Rescue Committee “IRC” organization.
Ms. Medlien said: “IRC” has been active in the sector of humanitarian aid in many countries, including Afghanistan, for many years, adding that the organization, after the regime changed on August 15, 2021, according to the needs of the people of Afghanistan, this country did not leave and continued to help the people.
She asked the officials of the Islamic Emirate to increase their cooperation with this organization in order to continue providing assistance to the people of Afghanistan in various sectors.
Ms. Medlien said that currently eight thousand and seven hundred people, including men and women, are working in this organization. In a situation where people are in need of cooperation, it is necessary to continue providing aid to the deserving, in this regard, we want the cooperation of the Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan, she added.
For his part, Deputy PM Hanafi, while hailing the humanitarian activities of the “IRC” called the continuation of the activities of this organization important, said “After nearly half a century of war and insecurity and the cold winter of this year, the people of Afghanistan need more humanitarian aid.
In this meeting, Hanafi stressed that the political and humanitarian issues should be separated adding that humanitarian aid should not be link to political issues.
Deputy PM Hanafi, called the issues of drug addicts challenging problems and asked the “IRC” organization to cooperate with the Islamic Emirate in the field of collecting and treating drug addicts in the country.