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Political case being run against Dar in the name of Accountability: Daniyal Aziz

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ISLAMABAD: PML-N leader and federal minister Daniyal Aziz has said that political case is being run against finance minister Ishaq Dar in the name of “Ehtesab”.

“Despite his name not being in petitioners petitions and Panama papers, case is being run against finance minister Ishaq Dar to give the impression that accountability process is being carried out. A political case is being run against him in the name of accountability”, he said this while talking to media men on Thursday.

Aziz said it is surprising that case is being run against Ishaq Dar while his name was not mentioned in the petition filed by Siraj Ul Haq. Ishaq Dar name has been included in Imran Khan petition to invite reference to Hudaibiya Paper Mills. This political case is being run and impression is being given to the people that accountability process is going on, he remarked.

On the other hand the rest of the 499 persons listed in panama papers are not being touched, he added. . He said even Dar’s name was not mentioned in Siraj Ul Haq petition and in Imran Khan’s petition his name was mentioned in reference of Hudaibiya paper Mills case.

He urged that in the Jamaat e Islami petition filed on August 2016, petitioner demanded accountability of all those included in panama papers but later through a particular manner all people were sidelined and only Nawaz name was put in the list.

Despite of all these our party have bowed before the law and the constitution, he added.

Replying to a question about arrest of PTI Chief Imran Khan he said if Election Commission of Pakistan (ECP) has issued arrest warrants of Imran Khan then he too will be arrested as Prime Minister Shahid Khaqan has clearly said that orders if issued by any state institution or court for arresting Nawaz or Imran or any other would be complied with for the sake of rule of law in the country.

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