President Putin discussed developments in Afghanistan with Indian PM Modi — Kremlin

MOSCOW (TASS): Russian President Vladimir Putin and Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi have discussed in a telephone conversation the current developments in Afghanistan, the Kremlin’s press office said in a statement on Tuesday.

“Exchanging opinions on the situation in Afghanistan, they stressed an importance of coordinated efforts aimed at establishing the peace and stability in this country and the provision of security in the region on the whole,” the statement reads.

“They agreed to bolster cooperation in the fight against an expansion of the terrorism ideology and the threat of drugs coming from the territory of Afghanistan,” according to the statement.

The statement also added that both leaders agreed “to set up a bilateral channel for permanent consultations on this issue.”

After the administration of US President Joe Biden had announced the end of Washington’s 20-year-long military operation in Afghanistan and embarked on launching its troop pullout, the Taliban movement (outlawed in Russia) went on an offensive against Afghan government forces.

On August 15, Taliban fighters swept into Kabul without encountering any resistance, and gained full control over the Afghan capital within a few hours. Afghanistan’s President Ashraf Ghani said he had stepped down to prevent any bloodshed and subsequently fled the country.

Vice President Amrullah Saleh said that under the constitution, he would become “the caretaker president” in the absence of the president and called for armed resistance against the Taliban. At present, Western nations are evacuating their citizens and embassy staff.