Profiteers enormously raise LPG, Roti prices

QUETTA (INP): The profiteers have also started taking advantage of the miseries of flood-hit people in Quetta as they have started selling LPG at exorbitant prices and have also raised the prices of Tandoori Roti (bread) on Sunday.
Due to closure of roads, the flood-hit Quetta is facing Liquefied Petroleum Gas crunch as no supply is being made to the city.
People are thronging shops in order to purchase the LPG. Taking advantage of the situation, the shopkeepers have increased the prices of gas which used to be sold at Rs150/kg and is now being sold at enormously high price of Rs600 to Rs700/kg.
Even the Nanbai (bakers) have also doubled the price of Tandoori Roti in the event of non-availability of gas.
The recent floods in Balochistan have washed away several gas pipelines owing to which the gas supply is suspended in many districts of the province.