Protest for peace in South Waziristan continue

F.P. Report

WANA: The second day of “Waziristan Aman Olasi Pasoon” (Waziristan Peace People’s Movement) protests against unrest, target killings, robbery and kidnapping for ransom continues in Wana, district headquarter of South Waziristan Lower Tribal District, and Wana Shakai Road closed for traffic, on the second day, a large number of people were present at the peace protest.

On the other hand, after the negotiations with the protesters, Assistant Commissioner Wana Yasir Salman Kundi gave his stance and said that their demands are legitimate and the protesters have a ten-point agenda, work is already underway on it. The district administration is making every effort to resolve the legitimate demands of the protestors and the problems faced by them as soon as possible, and all possible steps are being taken to establish peace.

Local leaders of all political parties, PPP, ANP, JUI, JI, PTI, NDM, Pakhtunkhwa Map, business community, tribal elders and youths for establishing peace at the local level, A large number of people participated in the demonstration. Local leaders of various political parties expressed their views. And presented these demands to the government on behalf of “Waziristan Aman Olasi Pasoon” (Waziristan Peace People’s Movement).

Peace is the responsibility of the civil government, if the police is required to conduct a search operation or action on wanted persons or in a place, then action should be taken according to the law. If the police need the FC or the army, the police can take help under Article 126 of the Order 2002.

The erstwhile FATA has been merged into Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, all the provisions of the 1973 Constitution are applicable to the areas of erstwhile FATA. Therefore, apart from the constitution and law, peace committee, national army or 2007 agreement are not acceptable to us in any case.

Peace in South Waziristan Lower is subject to the restoration of the government writ, for the restoration of the government writ, a separate DPO, judges including all line departments offices should be shifted to Lower Waziristan; Jamshed Wazir should be released immediately,

Police checkpoints should be established in small and big bazaars located at Spin, Azam Warsak, Shakai, Angoor Adda, Zarmelan, Ragzai police stations. To give legal powers and privileges to the police, to restore the closed jobs of the special force and to ensure the attendance of the existing police force; FC should be deployed on emergency basis for the protection of police stations, police posts and police during patrolling.

Indiscriminate ban and strict action should be taken against government/non-government vehicles with black glass, violators should be arrested and presented in courts for legal action; Indiscriminate action should be taken against drugs; All types of armed organizations and miscreants should be banned.

To remove obstacles to trade on the Pak-Afghan border at Angoradah, and to allow Pakistani identity card holders to enter Angoradah Gate; The negotiation team of the protesters said that if our demands are not accepted, the protest will continue.