PTI had breached IMF pact to get cheap fame: Kiyani

LAHORE (APP): Prime Minister’s Coordinator for Economy and Energy Bilal Azhar Kiyani said on Sunday that PTI government had breached the IMF agreement to catch up cheap fame, and propagated a false cipher when the PDM’s no-confidence motion was passed in National Assembly.
Addressing a press conference here, he added that after ousting from power, the PTI Chairman had tried hard to spread chaos in the country by raising hollow slogan of imported government. Bilal Azhar Kiyani said, the person who had launched cipher drama, hatched conspiracies and used to say that his government was ousted through America’s conspiracy but today, the same person is seen begging America. “And they are calling us an imported government despite the fact that PTI itself is imported and its chairman speaks what for others, actually he himself involved in it.”
Kiyani said that present coalition government corrected the wrong decisions of the previous government; the staff level agreement signed with the IMF was the link of the last year’s hard work, while the PTI government had breached the IMF agreement to get cheap fame. The present government brought the IMF to the table and completed its seventh, eighth review. He said that instead of celebrating the meeting of IMF delegation with PTI chairman a few days ago, PTI people should apologize to the whole nation that he had abrogated the agreement he with IMF. He asserted that bad deeds of PTI were being exposed to the public, and PTI government had spoiled the money, it had received from IMF, citing that all the four PTI’s incompetent finance ministers had failed to get the country’s economy on its feet rather pushed it further into debt mire. PTI government had deviated from its promise with IMF regarding the prices of petroleum products, he said and explained that when the PTI chairman realized that his government was about to collapse, he planned to break the IMF agreement so that the country would go into default because at that time Pakistan did not have the money to repay the loans.
The PTI could to go to any extent to push the country into default. He claimed that PTI had tried its best not to restore the IMF agreement with Pakistan, asserting that PTI should apologize to the nation for conspiring against the country and the nation.
He said that in 2018, fast developing Pakistan was handed over to an incompetent person, who brought the country’s economy to the brink of collapse. He said that in 2018, PTI had got a stable Pakistan and stable economy of the era of Muhammad Nawaz Sharif, in which there had been no inflation and no 14-hour power load-shedding, but the country had been developing fast in every sector including economy, energy and defense, while terrorism was eliminated; the rate of inflation was only 3.8 percent; more than 12000 MW power plants were built; and unemployment was eliminated. He said that entire state machinery was used to remove Nawaz Sharif contrary to the fact he had made country’s defense impregnable by conducting nuclear tests. “If there has been any development in Pakistan, it has happened during the time of Muhammad Nawaz Sharif,” he observed.
PM’s Coordinator said that Nawaz Sharif had provided all the basic facilities to the people despite the economic difficulties during his regime, while the country’s economy was sunk by making wrong decisions during 2018 to 2022. He said that Nawaz Sharif could get the country out of the prevailing difficult situation. He mentioned that charges which the PTI government had leveled against Nawaz Sharif were now being proved false thus exposing the real face of PTI leadership.
PTI Chairman had used to say that he would commit suicide but would not go to IMF. The PTI government took so much debt during its four-year tenure that all the previous governments did not take as much, and left the country burdened with more debt.
Responding to reporters’ questions, he said that Pakistan’s transactions with other friendly countries would streamline after receiving the amount of US $ 1.1 billion from the IMF and by using this money, we have to increase the export of the country and reduce the import. The present government was trying to reduce inflation in the country and situation in this regard would be better in the next few months.