Public, polls and politicians

US President Joe Biden called on Americans on Wednesday to use their ballots in next week’s midterm elections to stand up against lies, violence, and dangerous ultra-MAGA election disruptors who are trying to succeed where they failed in subverting the 2020 elections. According to Biden, American democracy itself is in peril, and this is no time to stand aside because Silence would be complicity.

The US mid-term polls have reached overhead and Americans in multiple states are scheduled to cast their vote on November 8. Every passing movement brings this dreadful day closer to President Biden, which might be a messenger of the dreadful defeats for the Democrats. Mr. Biden and his party had used all proven recipes and also enjoyed the support of their experienced guru during this unique context in US history, but still, Democrats fear an impending defeat on D-day.

Interestingly, no US President ever faced a such gloomy situation confronting Biden due to the war in Ukraine and COVID-19, which caused grave problems for this gentleman in his old age. After failing in lowering inflation and reducing energy prices despite weeks-long efforts along with multiple fiscal and administrative measures, Biden changed his stance and pressed another nerve by warning Americans that America’s system of governance is under threat from former President Donald Trump’s election-denying lies and the violence.

Apparently, political violence, personal attacks, and harassment of political opponents had frequently occurred in US politics over the past years. While January 6 riots and recent attacks on Nancy Pelosi’s husband clearly indicate that criminal armed groups and MS-13 gangsters are being used by some sections to achieve their political agenda. Although Biden sensitized his nation about the dangerous trend of using political violence and voter intimidation by his rivals, however, the old man used this recipe at an odd time and no time had left in the midterm elections. In fact, Biden has used the last arrow from his arsenal, now it is up to Americans they buy his narrative or complicate themself with his rival.