Punjab board hikes remuneration for matric, inter paper marking

F.P. Report

LAHORE: The Punjab Education Board has revised the paper marking remuneration for matriculation and intermediate examinations, on Friday.

According to details, the paper marking remuneration was increased by Rs5 per paper. Examiners, who check more than 50 matriculation papers, will be paid Rs45 per paper, whereas those who check less than 50 copies will be given Rs35 per paper.

Likewise, examiners, who mark more than 50 intermediate papers will receive Rs50 per paper, while those who check less than 50 copies will be paid Rs40 per paper.

Assistant to the Head Examiner will also receive Rs3.5 each paper for checking.

The examiners welcomed the decision. In the meantime, they requested to make the payments of examination staff without tax deduction.

One of the examiner said that more than 17 percent tax is deducted from the remuneration.

Calling it an unjust practice, he urged education boards to deduct this tax from their funds.