QWP is only supporter of Pakhtuns rights: Sherpao

F.P. Report

Peshawar: Qaumi Watan Party vowed to resist delimitation of the constituencies by election commission and asked the workers and office bearers to focus on the preparations of the general election so as to mobilize the masses to present the party program to voters within time. It decided to consult other political parties for political struggle to undo the controversy of the delimitation before the polls.

This was decided during a party consultation special committee meeting here on Sunday, at Watan Kor Peshawar. The meeting was chaired by party chairman Aftab Ahmad Khan Sherpao, wherein party provincial chairman Sikandar Hayat Khan Sherpao Provincial general secretary Hashim Babar and office bearers of provincial cabinet, zones and distracts chairman and general secretaries and party wings chairman were present.

The meeting reviewed the recent delimitation of the constituencies issue and the upcoming elections preparations. The meeting said that the delimitation in the constituencies had been created uncertainty among the political parties, voters and masses which is not a good omen for holding of free fair elections. The meeting decided that it will continue its peaceful straggle against the unjust change.

In his address to the meeting Party chairman Aftab Ahmad Khan Sherpao asked the participants to begin full-pledge election campaign and activate the masses to present the party program to them. He said that the delimitation of the constituencies seems to create chaos on purpose in the country and instead of creating any disorder QWP would continue its peaceful political struggle against it.

He regretted that the consensus of the main political parties had been ignored in the delimitation procedures, which would badly affect the will of the political parties in the upcoming election and it would ultimately increase the agonies of the masses as well.

He said that the untimely act of the election commission is not in the good interests of the country and all the stakeholders should concentrate on the smooth conduction of general election process.

He said that QWP is the staunchest supporter of the rule of law and power of parliament. He asked the meeting to continue the activities for mobilizing the voters for the national election.

He said that QWP is the supporter of the pakhtoons rights and it will leave no stone unturned to struggle for their rights. Aftab Sherpao vowed to strive hard for the rights of pakhtoons so as to ensure their progress and development. He said that QWP had emerged as the lone voice for the rights of the oppressed strata that’s why the people mostly relied on it.