Recovery fund: Council adopted update to Luxembourg’s national plan

F.P. Report

BRUSSELS: The Council today adopted an amending implementing decision as regards the recovery and resilience plan of Luxembourg.


During 2023, it is expected that gradually each of the 27 member states will request implementing decisions concerning updates to their national recovery and resilience plans at least once, in order to access the new REPowerEU grants, or to request available loans, or to take into account the updated RRF allocation.


The update to Luxembourg’s plan is of a technical nature. Its purpose is to take into account the updated reduced maximum financial contribution (€ 82.7 million instead of € 93.3 million). The Council’s positive assessment of Luxembourg’s plan with regard to its relevance, effectiveness, efficiency and coherence remains unchanged.


Taking into account the reduced maximum financial contribution and Luxembourg’s updated recovery and resilience plan, the measures that effectively contribute to the green transition amount to 68,8% of its total allocation, compared with 60,9% in the initial plan. The measures that effectively contribute to the digital transition account for 29,6% of the total allocation, compared with 31,6% in the initial plan.



The Recovery and Resilience Facility is the EU’s programme of large-scale financial support in response to the challenges the pandemic has posed to the European economy. The facility’s €672.5 billion is used to support the reforms and investments outlined in the member states’ recovery and resilience plans.


Luxembourg had been among the very first member states whose national recovery and resilience plan was greenlighted (on 13 July 2021).


The Recovery and Resilience Facility’s maximum financial contribution for non-repayable financial support of each member state was updated on 30 June 2022. On 11 November 2022, Luxembourg submitted an updated national plan to the Commission, in order to take into account this updated maximum financial contribution.