Referendum for Khalistan to begin today

F.P. Report

TORONTO: Voting for Khalistan Referendum is being held in the Canadian city of Toronto, from today (Sunday), aimed at seeking independence of Punjab from India through a peaceful manner.

President of Council of Khalistan Dr Bekhshi Singh in an interview, said people of Indian Punjab have understood that their rights can only be safeguarded through getting independence. He said as an expression of their opinion they will participate in this referendum in a large number.

He said, “During last 75 years, we have learnt that not a single Indian government is concerned about the rights of Sikhs.” Dr Bekhshi Singh said it is the law of the United Nations that colonized nations can get their rights through referendum. He also slammed the Indian government for illegal detention of Khalistan movement leaders.

Khalistan Referendum Voting Centre in Toronto is named after, martyred Harjinder Singh Pahra, to honor the young pro-Khalistan Sikh who went back to India from Canada to participate in the then ongoing armed struggle for Khalistan in the wake of the Indian Army’s June 1984 attack on the Golden Temple. In a staged police encounter, Indian forces extra-judicially killed Pahra in 1988.

Khalistan Referendum voting will be held in phases in Canada in which polling will take place across the country including Ottawa, Montreal, Calgary, Edmonton, Vancouver and Surrey. The voting in the global Khalistan Referendum is being held under the supervision of the Punjab Referendum Commission (PRC),, a panel of world-renowned non-aligned experts on independence referendums and direct democracy.

Since the launch of the voting on October 31, 2021, from London, despite India’s protests, the governments in UK, Switzerland, and Italy have allowed the Khalistan Referendum to take place in which more than 400,000 Sikhs have voted, so far. (INP)