Religious education can save country: Zabihullah Mujahid

KABUL (Agencies): The spokesman of the Islamic Emirate says that the country’s progress, prosperity and national unity are important goals of the Islamic Emirate.
A scientific-research conference called the current state of the country, opportunities and challenges Tuesday with the participation of the Acting Minister of Higher Education, officials of the Islamic Emirate, scholars, university professors, lawyers and students from the Ministry of Higher Education held at Kabul University.
In the conference, there was a comprehensive discussion on the opportunities provided by the Islamic Emirate system in various sectors.
Zabihullah Mujahid said that after the end of the war and under the sovereignty of the Islamic Emirate in the country, the security situation has improved, but some seditions are on the way and serious work is being done to eliminate these seditions.
The Islamic Emirate is determined to fight these challenges and has a serious decision, and people’s help and cooperation is needed, he added.
On his speech, he asked the scientific, educational and research institutions to cooperate with the Islamic Emirate by publishing scientific-research articles in the fight against seditions.
He said that the external pressures in the economic sector is one of the country’s challenges adding that Scientists should search for solutions for blocked money. Addressing the conference, he said that the religious education can save the country and students should maintain their religious beliefs.
Meanwhile, Acting Minister of Higher Education, Abdul Baqi Haqqani, said the purpose of holding this conference is to discuss the opportunities presented by the Islamic Emirate and to solve the current challenges.
“Problems of the country need to be found and scientific-research conferences and meetings can be effective for the existing challenges,” he said.
He called the training of new cadres and the strengthening of educational institutions important in the current situation and necessary for the strengthening of the Islamic Emirate system.
During the conference, Dr. Syed Osman Aziz, President of Kabul University said: In the past year, several scientific-research seminars and conferences have been launched by this educational institution in the fields of combating natural disasters and environmental protection and other fields.
He called today’s conference important in using the opportunities and solving the existing challenges and said that after the domination of the Islamic system, Afghanistan has many opportunities that should be used for the promotion and prosperity of the country.
During the conference, lawyers, university professors and researchers discussed the opportunities presented by the Islamic Emirate and solving the existing challenges.