US proposes online
education for Afghans

KABUL (TOLOnews): The acting minister of education, Noorullah Munir, held a meeting with Ron Mac Cammon, chief of the United States Educational Development Program, and said in a tweet that the US group is considering making an online education program for Afghan children and young people in remote areas.
However, some lecturers at the university said that due to a lack of electricity and a lack of telecommunication services in remote areas, this does not seem practical.
“Attention to Afghan children is good, and we ask for more attention, but for now online education programs do not work in Afghanistan,” said Shah Pur Barez, a lecturer. Some teachers say the government has to work toward opening schools for students, and the destiny of millions of students depends on that.
“There are some restrictions facing the online education program: lack of electricity and internet are the main restrictions,” said Hekmat Merzaye, a lecturer.
According to available figures, in the last year 1.3 million female students stopped going to school.
“One year has passed and it’s another year now also passing. When will they open schools for us?” said Yasra, a student.
Previously, officials at the Islamic Emirate said that the decision to open schools belongs to their leader, but it’s not clear when that decision will be made.