Repatriation of illegal Afghan families continue via Torkham

F.P. Report

LANDI KOTAL: Repatriation of Afghan families, residing unlawfully in various cities of the country is continuing and on the 27th day of expiration of the deadline 393 families, comprising 1493 Afghan nationals have been sent back to Afghanistan via Torkham border.

According to the Interior and Tribal Affairs department, Khyber Pakhtunkhwa till 27 November, 2023 so far 0.241888 Afghanis repatriated to their motherland.

As per information last day 145 families arrived in Holding Center, Landi Kotal where from they were shifted to Torkham border after necessary documentation.

While 248 Afghan families directly reached Torkham following their listing in other parts of the country and after completion of their data collection and examination process they were let to cross the border to Afghanistan.

In the same way returning of Afghanis on other borders is also in progress and till last day 3426 and 698 Afghan citizens repatriated to their native country though Angoor Ada and Kharlachi borders respectively.

It is worth mentioning here that collectively 0.246013 million illegal Afghan immigrants have been repatriated from Khyber Pakhtunkhwa to Afghanistan.