Salman Khan to Chiranjeevi-starrer Godfather’s producer: ‘Get lost’

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Salman Khan is known for his modesty in the film industry and as confirmed by Chiranjeevi, he worked on his upcoming Godfather film for free.

During a recent interview, the Tollywood actor revealed the Wanted star acted in the movie without taking any money, Salman refused to accept any fees for his role in GodFather. Chiranjeevi revealed, “When my producers went to him and offered him some amount, not knowing how much it was, he said, ‘You cannot buy my love towards Ram and Chiranjeevi garu with money. Get lost.’”

The Bhaijaan actor has played an extended cameo in the political thriller drama.

Earlier the actor revealed to Film Companion that he sent a message to Salman, who immediately replied to him, “Yeah, yeah Chiru garu, what do you want?”

The Telugu star continued, “I told him it’s a small character but very respectable, and you can watch Lucifer in case you want. He said, ‘No, no Chiru garu, I am doing it. Just send your person, we will discuss dates and everything.’ Within 2-3 minutes he agreed.”

Helmed by Mohan Raja, the film is the remake of the 2019 Malayalam super-hit Lucifer. The film is slated to hit the theatres on October 5.