Saudi diplomats leave
Kabul, relocate to Pakistan

KABUL (TOLOnews): Saudi Arabia’s diplomats left by air and relocated to Pakistan late last week due to warnings of heightened risks of attacks in the Afghan capital Kabul, Reuters reported citing a diplomat and two other sources.
Analysts and military veterans said that the closure of the Saudi Arabian embassy over security issues is not justifiable.
“The decision of Saudi Arabia and some other countries to pull their diplomats from Kabul due to security concerns, is not justifiable,” said Asadullah Nadim, a political analyst.
“In addition to security concerns and security issues, the closure of the Saudi Arabia embassy in Kabul and withdrawal of its diplomats, has other reasons as well that include girls’ access to education and women’s access to work…”, said Aziz Maarij, a former diplomat.
The Islamic Emirate said that the security of diplomats and embassies is better than before.
“They themselves mentioned the issue of security, we don’t see any problem here because the security situation of Afghanistan, particularly in Kabul, is good. The embassies, especially, are provided with mass security. The Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan is paying attention to the security situation of all government organizations, and embassies and NGOs,” said Zabiullah Mujahid, Islamic Emirate spokesman.
The Islamic Emirate has yet to be recognized by any country in the world. However, some countries such as China, Turkey, Pakistan, Iran, Qatar and others have a diplomatic presence in Kabul.