SC judge expresses anger over corruption in Sindh

F.P. Report

KARACHI: The Supreme Court Karachi registry on Saturday heard the case pertaining to Sindh coal authority scam. Justice Gulzar Ahmed expressed his anger over the corruption and deteriorating conditions in Sindh.

Hearing a suo moto case against corrupt elements working on deputation in the Sindh Coal Authority at Supreme Court’s Karachi Registry, Justice Ahmed reprimanded the authorities concerned over their failure to submit an inquiry report over matter.

“What is happening in Karachi? The people here don’t even leave a single penny. Do the people here not love their province?”

He further remarked, “Where have the Rs10billion to Rs15 billion funds gone? To whose account were the funds transferred? Please find out,” Justice Ahmed remarked while referring to Additional Advocate General Sarwar Khan.

“If this money was spent on people of Sindh, the conditions would have improved drastically. In other provinces at least 50% of funds are spent on development programmes but here everything is looted. What are you doing for your province?” Justice Ahmed added.

The SC judge also questioned if the authorities know about Sindh’s perception across the country.

“Do you know what the country thinks about Sindh? Should we tell you what we get to hear about Sindh while sitting in Islamabad?”

He observed that people are dying of malnutrition in Thar.

“There neither food nor education in Thar yet you (Sindh Coal Authority) have opened Thar’s chest and depleting its coal resources. Sindh government has turned a blind eye towards everything.”

Justice Gulzar Ahmed remarked that neither there is food nor education in Thar so where did the billions of rupees go?

Justice Ahmed further said: “Is it our job to root out corruption from the province? Where is the Executive now?”

The apex court then summoned completed records of the coal authority, adding that records should include details of number of projects completed, total amount of funds released as well as pictures of the projects.

The court also expressed anger over not presenting the inquiry report of the case.

“How cruel people you are. Is the elimination of corruption or work? Where is the executive? Tell us in one month where did all the money go?” remarked Justice Gulzar.

“The condition of Sindh would have changed if all the money had been spent on it. Do you think we know nothing? Should the matter be referred to NAB? At least 50 percent is spent in other provinces but everything is looted in Sindh,” said the court.

The court while concluding the arguments summoned complete record of the case.