School building poses life threat to students

F.P. Report

LANDI KOTAL: Sixty years old one room school building of government primary school Charbagh, Landi Kotal is in dilapidated condition and posed a life threat to the students, teachers and parents said.
One of the teaching staff of the school said that the institution was established in 1951, with a single room. Since the first day of structuring of the education institution, no construction work has been done in the school and with passage of time, the building tumbled down, he remarked.
He added that approximately 120 students in six classes have been admitted in the school while only two classes are let to sit inside the lonely classroom and the rest of classes are sit outside under an open sky. Property owner Abdullah said that because of dilapidated condition, the building of school can cave in anytime that will cause human loss.
Maaz Khan, one of the parents, said that development funds have been allocated for other educational institution while their school has been ignored and instead of class rooms’ boundary wall has been built. Lack of class rooms affects their children’s studies as during rough weather, the students refuse to attend their classes under an open sky, he said.
They convoyed their grievance to the highup of education department but to in avail, they added. When the Assistant District Education Officer for development Mesal Khan Shelmani was contacted on the matter he said that it is irony of the time the school has been neglected in first phase of development scheme however he added that on the direction of their highup, in coming one month construction work in educational institutions of sub-division Landi Kotal will be kicked off on priority basis.