Smith praises US support for Ukraine, highlights Ukraine’s battlefield success

F.P. Report

WASHINGTON, D.C: Representative Adam Smith (D-Wash.), Chairman of the House Armed Services Committee, today released the following statement as Ukrainian forces continued to make progress on the battlefield, reclaiming large portions of territory from Russian occupation.

“President Biden and his administration have done an amazing job supporting Ukraine in the face of Putin’s war, and President Zelenskyy and the Ukrainian government have turned that support into real results on the battlefield. In less than eight months, what started as the largest ground invasion in Europe since World War II has become Putin’s greatest disaster ever.

“Here’s why: President Zelenskyy and the Ukrainian people have fought for their freedom and sovereignty with inspiring courage — and the United States, along with allies and partners, has had their backs with security, economic, and humanitarian aid. Just last week, Congress passed more than $10 billion in additional aid for Ukraine, building on the results achieved with more than $40 billion in aid passed by Congress in May. The administration has worked tirelessly and effectively to direct aid toward what Ukraine needs to succeed on the battlefield, and no one can argue with the results we’re seeing: thousands of square miles back in Ukrainian hands.

“Russia’s war has devastated countless Ukrainian lives and livelihoods, and I saw many examples of Russian brutality and cruelty when I traveled to Ukraine in July. But I also saw firsthand just how resilient the people of Ukraine are, and just how committed they are to the country they have built and defended with bravery against Putin’s aggression. That’s why the United States and U.S. allies and partners must continue to deliver much-needed economic and humanitarian aid in addition to the security aid that has played such an important role in the Ukrainian military’s success.

“President Biden’s leadership has proven indispensable in rallying a global coalition to support Ukraine, and that support, combined with the strength and courage of the Ukrainian people, has been crucial to the success we are seeing. The United States will keep standing with Ukraine by bringing together allies and partners to provide the support Ukraine needs, maintain intense pressure against Russia’s economy to hold Putin and his cronies accountable, and call out Russia’s war on the world stage.”