Staying home is not a BIG job

Wadood Jan

No, this is not funny or we cannot afford non serious attitude in the prevalent situation as even after huge efforts of the government and spending immense economy the number of coronavirus infected persons is increasing.

Like everyday a half century or more confirmed cases are reported, one can imagine where are we leading the situation with our senseless approaches.

Government, media and social activists are making untiring efforts to fight the menace of corona but do we really understand our social responsibility to follow what we are being asked for!

Staying home is not a big job to do but I don’t know why we don’t comprehend the recent situation of human destruction.

Humanity is suffering and facing a big danger, wish we really understand how hard times and stage we passing through.

My neighbours, I wonder, invite relatives, play loud music, clapping and cheering and then swallow in the chicken treats. Is this what we are doing.

I visit various places, during performing my press duties, I see people hugging and observe them with friendly grapples. They wear no masks, they cough in the face of each others and they spit anywhere on the way.

Gosh! What these people are up to. Why don’t they really want to do. What these humanity enemies carry on their minds.

I also observe guys sitting in shops and selling food stuff don’t wear masks.

Even noticed a few picking their noses and then use those hands to serve customers.

Government is already much overloaded. I address those people who are threat to humanity to please show mercy towards government and humanity or the worst yet to get them.

The government has limited resources and are using in full but such people and their acts waste those resources.

There is still hope people will understand the situation before things go worse.

The Frontier Post is equally playing its role in fighting against corona and supporting the cause of saving humanity.