‘Steps afoot for peaceful conduct of Muharram’

D.I.KHAN (APP): Commissioner Zafarul Islam on Sunday said the steps were being taken under the nationwide policy of the Ministry of Interior to ensure peaceful conduct of Muharram in Dera Ismail Khan and Tank districts.
Talking to media, he said the police and FC personnel were deployed at all the entry and exit points besides the sensitive places in both the districts.
The personnel of the Pakistan Army were also on alert, he said and added that these days would be completed peacefully by demonstration of sacrificing the spirit of Karbala.
He said the efforts and mutual unity being demonstrated by both schools of thought would help in peaceful conduct of Muharram.
He informed that more than 250 private and government CCTV cameras have been connected with the police control room in Dera Ismail Khan, adding, the routes of traditional processions, sensitive places were being monitored regularly.
The comprehensive security plan of police wass well-functioning and the personnel of other affiliated institutions were also on high alert, the commissioner said.
He said the health department staff have been assigned special responsibilities while the officials of TMA were active in sanitation and street lights.
The emergency service Rescue 1122 has also completed all its planning for Ashura, he added. Commissioner Zafarul Islam said that the WAPDA has been asked to avoid load-shedding in sensitive areas from 12:00 noon to 12:00 midnight.
However, he said, there were complaints of tripping from that areas and the authorities concerned assured their resolution.
Moreover, he said, the standby electricity generators would also be provided in that areas by the administration on Muharram 9 & 10. The commissioner said both the schools of thought in Dera Ismail Khan were demonstrating mutual unity according to the peace agreement of 2009, which was very welcoming.
“We have to thwart the ambitions of the anti-state forces unitedly for which the law enforcement agencies are firmly standing,” he said.
He demanded of the citizens to extend their cooperation in this regard by reporting the law enforcement agencies about any suspicious activity or presence of any suspected person if they noticed around them.
He assured that the name of the informer would be kept confidential. About the jamming of mobile phone network on Muharram 9th and 10th, he said the instructions of the Federal Interior Ministry and the Provincial Home Department would be followed in this regard. About the ban on pillion riding, he said it was the police of provincial and the federal governments.
However, he said, the elderly and sick persons would be exempted from this ban after investigation by the police officials so that the rule of law could be maintained with minimum sufferings of the people.
The commissioner said all these measures were being taken with a spirit of thwarting the ambitions of anti-Islam and anti-state forces, adding, the public support was must to make these steps successful.
He said the month of Muharram has been sacred since the beginning of this universe.
The Muharram has been a month of respect, respect and sacrifice since the beginning of this universe, he said and added, the sacrifice rendered by Imam Hussain (R.A) and other martyrs of Karbala have made this month more sacred.