Students’ strength at English Language Academies down by 50pc

KABUL (Pajhwok): Some owners of the English Language Academies in capital Kabul are concerned about the decline in the number of their students now comparing to two years ago.
They also talked about the decline in their fee and asked the acting government to allow girls study in these courses.
During an exclusive interview with Pajhwok Afghan News owners of these academies said the number of their students declined by 50 percent now comparing to the past two years. One of these English Language Academies are the Atarud Academy. The number of its students had declined by 50 percent now comparing to the past two years. Sanjar Khalid, executive director of the Atarud English Language Academy, said two years ago 4,000 students were recruited for one batch while now the number of student recruited for one batch declined to 2,800.
He said growing economic problems and ban on girls to attend language courses were the main reasons behind the decline of students at English Language academies.
He, however, said due to economic problems they declined fee from 2,500 to 800. He hailed the Ministry of Finance (MoF) decision tax exemption to private Lounge Academies and asked the acting government to allow girls attend their language courses.
The Ama-e-Shamal English Language Academy founded 12 years ago also suffer from the lack of students.
Nooruddin Zaiwar, head of this academy, said: “Two years ago the number of our student was high because their economic situation was good.”
He said two years ago in very batch they enrolled 1,700 students but lately this number had dropped to 500. He also linked the decline of students with economic problems and ban of girls to attend educational institutions.
Zaiwar said due to economic problems the amount of fee had been declined by 50 percent.
He also hailed tax exemption and asked the acting government: “Formulate a curriculum so that girls could also attend academies.”
Noor Ahmad Rahimi, head of the UCAC English Language Academy, which is active from the past six years in Kabul, said: “Most of our classes are special and currently there are no more than 10 percent students in our classes, the total number of students in our lasses is not more than 50.” He said: “Our ILETS and TOFFEL classes fee was $150 two years ago while currently we have declined our fee to $50 because the economic condition of people is not good.” He said the fee of English Language classes was 7,000 Afs which now reduced to 4,000 afs.
Jamshid Ahmadzai, one of the students said: “From the past three months I learn English hear and I learn it very well.”
He welcomed decline in the tuition fee.
Mosawif Obaidi, one of the students at the English Shamal Ama Academy, was also thrilled by the decrease in the tuition fee and asked the acting government to allow girls attend their education. Acting government officials often reaffirmed that they were not against girls education and after the formation of strategy and a roadmap girls would be allowed to get education.