Study claims people would do ‘nearly anything’ for stress-free day

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NEW YORK: Nearly 75% of the people surveyed in a study in America said that they would do “anything” to experience a stress-free day in life.

The poll was conducted on 2,000 people and it revealed that one in 10 could not even remember the last time they did not feel stressed.

Stressed people, the study showed, avoid important chores like laundry, vacuuming, and cleaning the house.

Some people (28%) said they were ready to sacrifice their entire paycheck to have a stressless day. Others were ready to quit physical relations with their partners.

The study was conducted by One Poll, commissioned by Noom, ahead of World Mental Health Day coming on October 10.

It found that 83% of people would benefit enormously if they took their mental health seriously.

Nearly 65% of the respondents said that they had not given much thought to their well-being in two years.

The pandemic affected mental well-being greatly with many people likelier to experience burnout (32%), stress (47%), anxiety (29%), depression (25%), and the loss of a loved one (22%).

People who were found motivated to take care of themselves said their motivating factor was the effects their negative mental health had on others. Unfortunately, 24% of the respondents were found to have no inspiration to begin self-care.

Consequently, the poll found that people preferred to work for employers that offered health insurance and mental health benefits.