Supermodel Gigi Hadid quits Twitter, Claims platform has become ‘Cesspool of hate and bigotry’

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NEW YORK: Supermodel Gigi Hadid has announced that her decision was especially because of the “new leadership”. Hadid took to her Instagram stories and wrote, “I deactivated my Twitter account today. For a long time, but especially with its new leadership, it’s becoming more and more of a cesspool of hate & bigotry, and its not a place I want to be a part of.”

She added that she feels sorry for her fans whom she loved connecting with for nearly a decade via Twitter, but she “can’t say it’s a safe place for anyone, nor a social platform that will do more good than harm.”

Hadid shared MSNBC host Ayman Mohyeldin’s post about Shannon Raj Singh, former human rights counsel at Twitter, who tweeted that Friday was her last day because the entire human rights team at the company had been laid off.

According to People Magazine, Musk’s ex-girlfriend, Amber Heard’s account also seemed to have vanished from the platform as soon as he took over. A week ago, the Tesla CEO closed the $44 billion deal, becoming the new owner of Twitter after drama and a series of legal challenges. He has since announced that the company would form a content moderation council with “widely diverse viewpoints.”