Taliban promises to protect all residents

KABUL (TASS): The Taliban promised to take effective steps to ensure the protection of the rights of all Afghan residents, according to a statement issued by the Afghan government and signed by Taliban’s leader Hibatullah Akhundzada on Wednesday.
“The Islamic Emirate (the name the Taliban calls itself) will undertake effective efforts to protect human rights, minority rights, the rights of disadvantaged groups in line with the requirements of Islam, so that all Afghans, without exception, can live with dignity in their country, in security and peace, in conditions of the inviolability of their lives, honor and property,” the statement reads.
Furthermore, the document indicates the new Afghan government’s desire to improve relations with the international community and neighboring countries, emphasizing the intention to comply with those norms of international law that do not contradict Sharia. “We want [to develop] positive and strong ties with our neighbors and all countries, based on mutual respect and cooperation, so that our relations with other states are built on [striving] for the realization of the best interests of Afghanistan. We intend to comply with all those provisions of international law, resolutions and charters that do not contradict the Islamic Sharia and our national values,” according to the statement.
The Taliban leader also expressed gratitude to Muslims all over the world who supported the radical movement and “assisted in various fields.”