Taliban welcome US troop Drawdown in Afghanistan

KABUL (Sputnik): The Ta-liban see the US troop dra-wdown in Afghanistan as a “good advancement” in im-plementing the Feb. deal, the spokesman for the mo-vement said on Saturday.

On Friday, US Acting Secretary of Defence Miller said that the Pentagon had drawn down troops in Afghanistan and Iraq to just 2,500 soldiers in each cou-ntry, in line with President Trump’s order.

The troop reductions come despite the fact that the Congress earlier this month passed legislation to prevent the planned withdrawal of soldiers from Afghanistan until it receives a report assessing the effect of such a pullout.

“The withdrawal of oth-er US forces from Afgh-anistan, which was announ-ced by the US yesterday, is a good advancement and practical measure. Undou-btedly, the practice of the agreement signed between the IEA [Taliban] and the US is in the benefit of both countries and nations,” Na-eem tweeted. The Taliban, he added, are committed to the agreements struck with the US and “want the same from the other side.”