Tarar, US Envoy discuss issues of bilateral interests

F.P. Report

ISLAMABAD: Federal Caretaker Minister for Communications, Railways, and Maritime Affairs Shahid Ashraf Tarar was called on by US Ambassador Donald Blome here on Friday and issues of bilateral interests came under discussion.

Speaking to the envoy, Shahid Ashraf Tarar said that US-Pakistan bilateral relations go back a long way and this relationship has evolved from security to other fields such as trade and investment, science and technology, Climate Change and sustainable development, health and education. He expressed his profound desire to deepen the relations based on development cooperation. Moreover, he affirmed that Pakistan has been benefitting from General Electric Locomotives provided by the US to Pakistan Railways, and based on its vitality, another order has been placed recently.

Similarly, he mentioned Tarbela and Mangla Dams as symbols of Pakistan-US cooperation. The Ambassador said that the focus has shifted from Pakistan’s bordering and tribal areas to flood-affected areas of Northern Sindh and South Punjab. Furthermore, possibilities are being explored for provision of clean drinking water and rehabilitation of damaged infrastructure in these areas.

Shahid Ashraf Tarar further stated that Karachi-Peshawar Railway line has been affected by floods at certain vulnerable points and US can cooperate with Pakistan Railways to reclaim these vulnerable tracks and secure them from future floods. He further apprised that Pakistan has entered into successful international agreements in Gwadar and is further attracting foreign investments from global partners.
The US Ambassador Donald Blome expressed that Pakistan has an excellent opportunity to attract foreign investments in the wake of diversification of industries and businesses into South-Asian economies.

Likewise, American International Development Finance Cooperation (DFC) has expressed its eagerness to make large-scale investments in Pakistan. In this regard, US is ready to help Pakistan create a business-friendly environment to boost investments. Similarly, the US wishes to cooperate with Pakistan in achieving sustainable and green development, as per international standards.

Shahid Tarar stated that Pakistan has played a vital role in COP-27, and is striving to comply to the environmental standards issued by Climate Conference, in all sectors. The meeting concluded by Minister’s pledge to work with the US to eradicate poverty and deprivation in the country. (INP)