Chairman of Afghan Business Council in UAE calls for investment in Afghanistan

KABUL (Agencies): The head of the Afghan Business Council in the United Arab Emirates (UAE) said that the ground is paved for economic activities and investment in Afghanistan and businessmen should return to the country. Obaidullah Sadrakhil added that compared to the past four decades, there are better investment opportunities currently in Afghanistan. He said, Afghans have invested 12 billion dollars in the UAE. “There is now an opportunity for investment in Afghanistan. I hope that Afghan investors return and invest in Afghanistan, they should take part in the country’s rebuilding and make more investments,” Sadrakhel said. Meanwhile, officials of the Chamber of Industries and Mines also said that investment opportunities in Afghanistan are better than ever. According to the chamber’s officials, corruption has ended, security prevails and the government supports the private sector. “We are ready to invest in the country and expand it. Now there should be more focus on attracting foreign investment in extracting minerals,” Sher Baz Kaminzadeh, head of the Chamber of Industries and Mines, said. Officials of the Ministry of Industry and Trade said that in order to attract investment in the country, they have provided all the facilities for domestic and foreign investors and are ready for more cooperation in this field. “We have taken all measures to expand investment and economic activities, and this process will expand further. We are committed to supporting the private sector,” Abdulsalam Jawad Akhundzada, the spokesman of the Ministry of Industry and Commerce, said.