‘The dangerous decline of China’

Dmitry Kosyrev

“The Dangerous Decline of China” has been a typical headline of almost every Western publication in recent weeks. In this case, Foreign Affairs magazine, with the subtitle: “Washington must prepare for the fact that the troubles of Beijing are growing.”
Something painfully familiar. In the same magazine – “Putin’s Last Battle. The Promise and Disaster of Russian Defeat.” What, both we and the Chinese have one continuous trouble in the Western media? We are accustomed to our own: we have been suffering defeats right from February-March. But China… We look at the headlines of another American magazine – in terms of the intensity of intellect, it is slightly weaker, for citizens with simpler minds, that is, Foreign Policy. And we see here some set of cluster munitions: ” Xi Jinping begins his third term with one defeat after another”; “China is facing a gloomy end to 2022” and so on.
In general, it is already clear what we are talking about. But just in case, let’s see how China suffers continuous disasters. In the past year, the customer received the first Chinese large passenger airliner – C919. The world’s largest ship carrying liquefied natural gas set sail. Testing of the integrated power supply system of the southern provinces (2.7 billion kilowatts per day) has begun. They launched a railway to Laos, which has already transported 8.5 million passengers and 11.2 million tons of cargo.
Although what kind of railways are there – we almost forgot such a “trifle” as the installation of the Tiangong space station (that is, the “Heavenly Palace”). Its assembly was completed on November 3, now a laboratory module 17.9 meters long and 4.2 meters in diameter is ready in the “palace” – with 13 separate rooms for work. True, the media lists dozens of other technological achievements, but these will suffice.
There are achievements that are not so material – in diplomacy, for example. Foreign Minister Wang Yi counted eight of them. Of which we may be interested in at least this: Beijing firmly rejected the erroneous foreign policy of the United States and strengthened good neighborliness, friendship and cooperation with Russia. And one more thing: as soon as a developing country had difficulties, China extended its hand and helped it. So, the prestige and overall position of the country in the world has obviously been strengthened.
Or – going back to domestic affairs – a housing renovation program has been launched across the country: it is now underway in 52,100 communities (that is, villages or city blocks). More than a billion people are covered by old-age health insurance (let us remind you that 15-20 years ago there was actually no pension system in the country).
And that’s all, we note, despite the tough “zero covid” policy, which even led to protests. It remains to be seen what the Chinese successes would have been if not for all these quarantine restrictions.
In general, it turns out that China turned out to be practically the only power in the world that actually achieved obvious success in the past year. Well, if this is the case, then the West is left to write about this – “from defeat to defeat.”
Before us is yet another technology of brainwashing, designed, of course, for its own population – for Americans and Europeans, who are probably pleased to think that not only they feel bad now, but others are also lousy. But still the main target is the rest of the world. As well as the Russian and Chinese population. It is for this audience that the Western “funeral team” once again buries either us or the Chinese, getting a well-deserved pie off the shelf.
And one should not think that they are tormented in impotence and malice, that their mournful labor is wasted. One example. At least once a month, my Indian friend calls me and issues a machine-gun line of questions: how will the Ukrainians attack Crimea on the southern front? why is the advance in the center so slow? How do your military productions work? what’s on your store shelves? And after all, a person is not a wild one, actually a military analyst, but when the English-language information sphere is overflowing with such chronic descriptions of Russian defeats, this sets the mood accordingly.
The language barrier is a serious thing, but there are loopholes through which defeatist disinformation also penetrates the barriers. In the case of China, this is the English-speaking part of the medical community plus other English-speaking ones. They are now being terrorized with outright misinformation about the wave of coronavirus cases. A nice picture is emerging: when the “zero covid” policy was a wall in the country, the Chinese from abroad were explained that this was a mistake that would destroy the economy and society. When the wall began to be dismantled with acceleration, exactly the same foreign characters began to vang that this was a mistake: be afraid of the virus, now they will start to get sick in the millions and die en masse. And especially nervous people give in to this primitive.
In the case of Russia, everything is even more interesting. Someone from those who permanently buried us noticed that the social stratum of liberals, Westerners and other fugitives has too little influence in our society – it is unproductive to shame or frighten us through this public. But the prestige of the patriots has increased unprecedentedly and deservedly. And if so, then you can play on the feelings of the most nervous of the latter. And it is they who are now indirectly broadcasting in our ranks the same Kiev-Washington infection: we are hitting weakly, the front has froze, there is not enough of this and that, where the latest weapons, in general (see above) – “the promise and disastrous Russian defeat.”
By the way, in fact, the conversation on this topic is serious, the same Americans are weighing: what Ukraine ‘s victory promises them and what it means in general – such a victory. Wouldn’t it be worse than a defeat – only to know what this defeat really means for them. That is, what to strive for and what to achieve. But all these subtleties do not reach the outside world very much. For the most part, simple emotions prevail there.