Today a new phase begins

Elena Karaeva

European Council President Charles Michel said that “it is necessary to develop a mechanism to ‘suspend’ Russia’s membership in the UN Security Council.
The European Union (and the European Council is its backbone institution along with the European Commission and the European Parliament ) is going, therefore, to start reviewing the results of the Second World War.
And here you should not look for a second meaning in the words of one of the highest European bosses – we are really talking about following the attempt to “tear the Russian economy to shreds” with the help of sanctions, following the robbery of our country through the freezing of its assets, to cancel the very fact of victory over Nazism and the contribution of the USSR to the defeat of the Nazi Reich and its satellites. True, if you look at who was part of the countries of the Hitlerite axis, you will find a significant part of the member states of the current EU. But we will consider this a simple geographical coincidence – for now, anyway.
Let’s turn to historical facts. The UN, no matter what and whoever says it, was created on the initiative of the powers – the winners of the Reich (USSR, USA, Britain, and also France, accepted into this circle thanks to the efforts of General de Gaulle and at the cost of the lives that members of the movement gave in the fight against Nazism resistance). Theref-ore, it was they who enter-ed, as permanent members of the Security Council with the right of veto, into the supreme body of this international organization.
The price of every seat on the UN Security Council is measured in blood.
These are tens of millions and hundreds of thousands of dead – military and civilian. Tortured, shot, dead from wounds, hunger and deprivation. These chairs, no matter how much Monsieur Michel would like to think about this and no matter how much he and his aggressors insist on it, are not just a piece of furniture and interior design for the UN building on the East River. And not the microphone that comes with the chair.
It is also worth paying attention to what motivation, according to which Russia’s membership in the UN Security Council “should be suspended”, Mr. President of the European Council acquaints the interested public.
It turns out that “Russia violates international law.”
Let’s take a historical digression again.
The modern structure of international law and security in Europe, which is regulated by legal documents, was almost entirely created on the basis of documents signed during three international conferences. This is Tehran-43, this is Yalta-45 and this is Potsdam, also on the 45th, but after the end of the war in Europe (the war with Japan was still going on).
It was there that the architecture of the entire today’s world order was laid, and it is also worth recalling that, in addition to the USSR, Ukraine and Belarus also received membership in the UN itself. Because Moscow insisted on this, explaining what contribution the Belarusians and Ukrainians made to the defeat of Nazism. And at the cost of blood.
Violations of the provisions developed during the meetings in Yalta and Potsdam began almost immediately, as soon as the ink dried out on the signed documents. Less than a year later, in March 1946, the West declared a cold war on us.
Yes, some beautiful words were said about the “Iron Curtain”, about the onset of the “dictatorship”, about the “gloom of threat from the east” thickening over the free world, but in fact all this rhetoric served a completely different purpose – to wear our country down to limit, starting an arms race. To prevent the economy from developing. In order not to give even the slightest chance to restore the country, the European part of which lay in ruins.
We did not violate international law then. And they. We did not give a damn about all the agreements, but they immediately started to create NATO. This is 1949, if anyone has forgotten or does not know. The Warsaw Pact came about six years later, in 1955. And as a response.
We were not the initiators of the then confrontation on the European continent, but they.
Contempt for the word given to those who were once considered “brothers in arms” is not our way of conducting foreign policy. Once again: we are only responding to the enmity offered to us and to the threat to the existence of our country, which this enmity can carry.
Violation of international law, which so worries the European bureaucrats of the highest echelon of power today, is in fact an exclusively European style of doing business in this very international arena.
And lying during the discussion, misleading the interlocutors, demagogy, separate negotiations are the method of implementing the plans. Not ours. And the West.
Looking for a consensus with a common enemy behind the back of one of the partners in the anti-Hitler coalition, while simultaneously asking this partner to speed up and intensify actions on the battlefield – you should not list the details of the secret Anglo-American-German operation “Sunrise” (aka “Crossword”, as called it by the British). Moreover, it was just during the preparation of the Vistula-Oder offensive of the Red Army, with the beginning of which Stalin was so rushed by London and Washington. This has long been common knowledge.
The Second World War, which devastated Eastern and Central Europe, and the fact that it was the USSR that liberated the continent from the Nazi plague, is sitting like a splinter today. In the political heels of the current leaders of these countries.
To do everything so that the feat and the sacrifices that we suffered, clearing Europe from the dictatorship of the Reich, would become in the public mind of the philistine “an instrument of violence, repression and suppression of civil liberties” – one of the main geopolitical tasks of the united family of today’s “enlightened Europeans”. And, as we all have the opportunity to observe, it began to be resolved long before the current round of the crisis.
It was just that the events seemed to be local, they formed very gradually into the overall picture.
Today a new phase begins.
Its contours are generally clear.
It was not the USSR, “an aggressor and violator of international law, civil liberties and an enemy of progress”, that liberated Europe, contributing, among other things, to the creation of the EU, but Europe did it itself.
Of course, with the help of valiant American GIs (hello, rescued Private Ryan), British and partly French troops.
And the USSR trudged along in the convoy, which was supplied to it as part of the Lend-Lease, robbing houses along the way in order to take out china sets and women’s nightgowns, and between “robbery” and “looting” also “raping millions of German women.”
Well, what to do, the Russians – they are “barbarians”. These “barbarians” and “Bolshevik hordes”, through some oversight and naivety of the then lights of the Western political elite, received a seat in the UN Security Council, and even with the right to blocking votes.
Oversight urgently (in the historical sense, of course) should be corrected. And instead of Russia, this “violator of international law”, to introduce Germany into the Security Council. As a country, it is an example of pacifism, political correctness, and strict observance of all norms of international law. Is always. At all times.
With certain efforts, backed up financially, it is likely that after some time it will be possible to hear that Hitler started the war exactly in order to save Europe (united) from the “Bolshevik hordes” and communist dictatorship and ideology.
Now and today it still looks unthinkable.
But that’s exactly what the operation, which was being prepared at the British General Staff, was called at the moment when the Red Army soldiers stormed Berlin.
The “Unthinkable” plan was to start a war against the USSR. Immediately after the Soviet troops entered the capital of the then Reich.
So, when they say from Europe and in Europe that Russia’s membership “should be suspended in the Security Council,” this is by no means idle talk, not reasoning, and not a hypothesis. This is just an allowed leak of part of the plan, which is most likely already activated, as they say. which is approved. To all those who have never come to terms with either their own defeat or our Victory. And waiting for the hour to take revenge. Swapping the places of the winners, who paid for their feat with tens of millions of lives, and the losers. Losers and capitulators, more than anything in the world who want to deprive us of our Victory today.