The legendary Pakhtoon who was known for his hospitality and bravery

F.P. Report

PESHAWAR: I have never come across a courageous, brave and at the same time very generous and kind hearted man in my life as was late Haji Misal Khan.

He was unwavering, steadfast and always remained in forefront to rescue the oppressed section of his clan. Before performing Hajj he was popularly known as

“Naik” amongst all his companion and colleague owing to his generosity. The word Naik is used for a person who takes responsibility of solving the issues of his community. Haji sahib was a public figure and his 84 years of eventful life was full of many ups and downs.

He led from the front in all fields due to his God gifted qualities. During his life he faced every demanding situation in a spirited and resilient way. In early age he served for a short period in the Frontier Corps but quickly deserted it as he wanted to lead life free of taboos according to his will. He was third amongst five brothers but his family was known by him. Making friendship and extending hospitality to everyone was his hall mark which kept him aloof in the society.

He generously opened his Dasterkhwan and won hearts and minds of the people through his hospitality and sincerity. He did not believe in retreat. Once he supported any one then he took upon himself all the responsibility and worked till the end with missionary zeal and spirit. Everybody trusted his integrity and capability of fulfilling commitment made with him.

He was also flag bearer of promoting Pakhtoon values, culture and traditions in every circumstance through practical steps and never compromised on it.” “I have no other desire but only want to live till death with rich Pakhtoon values,” was uttered by him on many occasions. Such was his nature that he never showed retreat from his adopted stand on any issue even if the whole village was on the opposite side of the issue.

He sacrificed his near and dear ones for upholding Pashtoo norms and traditions against all temptations and odds. At the time he seemed at the receiving end but in the long run his stance proved absolutely correct and thus became torch bearer and established good example for others to be followed. He helped his aged ailing father in official Depot matters. He established flour machine as well as started bus service for villagers on their demands.

As a token of good will gesture the bus on several occasion used to carry villagers to Pir Baba Mazar – spiritual place – Buner without fares. The bus service enabled especially the villagers to travel to Tehsil Katlang and District Mardan for their daily routine working which at that time was the only source of transportation for the entire village. Very soon he became very popular amongst transporters and they elected him as their president of Nowshera Transport Association.

He took active part in local politics and had a major vote bank in the area. He was straightforward in politics and openly supported candidate of his choice. He even took upon himself the responsibility of winning seat for his choice of candidate.

After winning the election if he find out the successful candidate is betraying promises made during election campaign then he would instantly parted ways with him. He never ever took benefits from the politicians but rather spent money from his own pocket and sacrificed his nears and dears while sticking hard to his principled political stance which is very rare in Pakistan.

He was very fond of Yusufzai Tribe century’s old local game ARCHARY and reinvigorated it in its true essence. He himself was a star player of Archary and was the captain of his team. Infact he infused new life in this centuries old cultural local game with his charismatic personality and good relations.

He arranged several tournaments of this game in nearby villages which with the passage of time became annual feature of the area. With his great interest and sheer hard work he also arranged tournaments with Swabi and Buner districts teams. He used his own bus to carry players for the tournament to Swabi. Owing to these tournaments the people of the said three districts comes closer together despite non- availability of means of communication and they started participation in each other functions of marriages and deaths ceremonies.

The people of these districts won hearts of each others with harmony and brotherhood prevailed among them due to frequent visits. On his meritorious services he was Awarded Life time achievements Mukha Amn Award, a rare distinction. He also helped the poorest of the village to the best within his resources and capability.

In young age he stood like stumbling rock against usurpers and notorious men of the area and compelled them to take back their unlawful and unjustified demands. In several instances he went at the door of the notorious men and challenged them and ultimately the latter showed retreat from their demands.

He was also a great social worker and tried his best to serve the community people to the best of his capabilities. He took active part in establishing a religious Darul Uloom – Madrassa Siddiqa tul Hassanat – in the village. He also went to Karachi, Peshawar, Bara and other parts of the country along with Moulvi Sher Muhammad to collect donation for constructing the Darul Uloom. He used his personal relations and acquired land for construction of mosque in the mohalla. He also collected charity to dig well for the poor and needy deaf person of the village. He religiously followed basic principles of Islam.

He also devoted time to preach Tableegh and went for several Sehroza, Tableeghi terminology used for three days. He was a linchpin member of Village Jirga system and performed crucial role in resolving issues via this system. Such was his charisma that he also successfully acted as a one man Jirga and single handedly resolved the confronting issues to the entire satisfaction of both parties.

It is only the good memories that we leave behind that will keep us in the consciousness of generations to come. Luckily he was my beloved father and what I am today it is due to his parenthood that enabled me to complete my higher education which was very rare at that time. He breathed his last on Friday 7th February 2020. I feel myself insecure and incomplete without him but life never stop for any one and it is the beauty of life that “it goes on in any circumstances”, whether one likes it or not.

Always loved and forever missed.

May his soul rest in peace, Ameen.