Three desserts that showcase the joy of mango season in Pakistan

Buraq Shabbir

KARACHI: Summers in Pakistan are all about mangos, whether it’s devouring them on their own or using them to make desserts that showcase the vibrant color, tropical flavor and inherent sweetness of what is widely known as the king of fruits.

Here are three easy-to-make mango desserts from Pakistani chef Sadiyah Roomi, who has a diploma from the College of Tourism and Hotel Management (COTH) in Karachi, and specializes in pastries and desserts.

Mango truffles

The first item on Roomi’s list is mango truffles, made using a dozen chocolate truffles, a cup each of mango puree and desiccated coconut, and half a cup of condensed milk.

“I usually make chocolate balls with this recipe but mangos are in season, so I thought to make it with mangos,” Roomi told Arab News. “Mango with coconut is a good combination.”

Mango smoothie

Nothing helps beat the heat of Pakistani summers like a fresh, chilled mango smoothie and what’s better than a mango smoothie that is also a breakfast bowl? Ingredients include a large mango, half a cup of yoghurt, pistachios, walnuts, almonds, blackcurrants and honey.

Roomi recommends extracting the pulp from the mango and preparing a puree from it. Next, add yoghurt to it and blend to make a thick paste. Pour the paste into a bowl and add slices of seasonal fruits, such as bananas, to the mixture. Add the nuts as a finishing touch and top it with mango chunks, before sprinkling honey.

“It’s a very healthy breakfast bowl as well, not just a smoothie,” Roomi said. “You can decorate your plate with any seasonal fruit you like, I have used bananas. If you like oats, you can use 2-3 tablespoons of oats.”

Mango mousse

Whipping up a bowl of mango mousse requires two medium-sized mangoes, four cups of mango mousse, 400ml of whipped cream and 100 grams of condensed milk.

Roomi recommends whipping chilled cream with an electric beater for five minutes until one sees stiff peaks in the cream, and then adding condensed milk and continuing to mix in a circular motion. Next, remove 50 ml of the mixture for later use and use the two mangoes to make a mango puree. Add the puree to the cream mixture in three batches, using the fold-and-cut method to mix well and refrigerate for two to three hours.

Pour the mixture in cups directly or through a piping bag, before topping it with the leftover whipped cream and mango chunks. Roomi suggests refrigerating the mousse for two to three hours before serving it.

“It’s a very simple recipe and very easy to make, it’s a yummy dessert,” she said. “Whenever you see some guests standing at your door, you can make it.”