Tokma Fashion started off with limited resources

KABUL (Agencies): Hameda Safi is the founder and owner of Tokma Fashion—one of the leading fashion designing companies based in Kabul.

Ms. Safi has obtained her bachelor’s degree in Journalism and master’s degree in International Relations.

‘After years of working in media I decided to have a business of my own. I, therefore, decided to launch my own clothing line,’ said Ms. Safi in an interview. She added that Tokma Fashion started off with limited resources and a very small team. But, the company was soon able to establish a market for itself and attract customers.

Tokma initially operated from a small basement with only two employees back in 2016. Today, the designing company has rented a bigger place and its staff has grown to ten members, consisting of both men and women.

‘My aim was to bring back the Afghan traditional clothing, but in a more modern fashion. We have been trying to bring in new designs and styles to our traditional outfits so that they can be worn to formal or informal events,’ said Ms. Safi.

Safi added that through her designing company she wishes to introduce Afghan-made clothes to the world. ‘We always want to ensure that our products meet the international standards,’ said Ms. Safi.