Tourists increase in Ghazni

GHAZNI (TOLOnews): The department of Information and Culture of Ghazni province said that the number of tourists has increased in the province.
Ghazni is famous for its historic places and was declared the Asian Capital of Islamic Culture by the United Nations Scientific and Cultural Organization.
According to provincial officials, more than 5,000 domestic tourists and over 30 foreign tourists have visited the province during the past six months.
TOLOnews interviewed a group of six tourists from Canada, Italy and Thailand, who came to Ghazni to see the historic places.
“In Ghazni, I wanted to see all the historic sites and in general I just love to travel to meet people and learn about the culture,” said Mary, a Canadian citizen.
“Now, I am here in Ghazni to see, to visit many historical places in this beautiful city. I am really happy to see that people are very, very friendly,” said Roman, an Italian citizen.
Ghazni’s head of tourism Mohammad Muzamil said that at least 33 foreign tourists have arrived in the province since the start of the 1401 solar year.
“There were 5,600 domestic tourists who visited the minarets and hills,” he said.
The provincial residents said that they are happy with the repairs made to some of the historic places.
“The areas that are repaired have good views and the people take pictures. We are happy for it,” said Sayed Hashmatullah Roshan, a resident of Jalalabad.
“Ghazni is a historic place that has many historic places and minarets. This is an important place for the tourists,” said Abdul Basit Assim, a resident of Ghazni.