Needy families received humanitarian aid

KABUL (Agencies): 16,100 hundred needy families received humanitarian aid in Paktika.
The families were suffered by the latest flood and in the meantime, they were facing an economic crisis in the country.
Mawlawi Mohammad Ismail Shakib head of the Paktika Agricultural department said, that this humanitarian aid was distributed in Urgun, Sar Hawza, Ziruk, Yaya Khel, Jani Khel, Khair Kot, and Yosef Khel districts including the central city of the province, by the financial supports of the ORD organization.
According to him, each family received flour, cooking oil, sugar, Split grain, slats, and special nutrition food for children.
According to another report, the world food programme (WFP) distributed food items to 4,830 needy families in Musa Kala district of Helmand province.