Transgenders’ protection

Transgenders are the most marginalized and highly deprived segment of our society. Transgender Community had been a victim of social injustice, discrimination, and hatred in the broader Indo-Subcontinent region long before the creation of Pakistan. After the independence, Pakistani society also displayed a cold shoulder toward Transgender rights largely due to a lack of knowledge, gender prejudice, and ignorance. Due to social discrimination and the absence of a regular profession or job, most members of the transgender community had been begging on the streets causing adultery and polluting the environment in society.

Historically, human rights organizations, civil society, and the Transgender community had been struggling to get their citizenry rights, social protection, and other incentives under the constitution of the state, but this section of society could not achieve its fundamental rights until 2022, largely due to biased rhetoric, fake assumptions and opposition of certain factions in the country. Apparently, a lack of legal identity had led to a nationwide denial of their social and human rights in past.

After the decades-long struggle, the government passed the Transgender Persons (Protection of Rights)Act in Parliament in 2018 which was aimed at paving the way for their recognition as transgender persons, also providing them their due rights in government jobs, treatment under Sehar Card Plus Scheme, and other monetary and social benefits, but still, this act is under strong criticism by clerics and religious groups.

In fact, the approval of the Transgender Act will bring a positive change in Transgenders’ life and they would be able to play a constructive role in society in the future.