Tree plantation sole solution to climate change

F.P. Report
ABBOTTABAD: Superintendent of Hazara Motorway Police (E-35) Syed Saqib Shah Sunday said that climate change is catastrophic and has ravaged many regions, and plantation is the only way to cope with this issue. He expressed these views while addressing a plantation drive ceremony after planting a sapling at the sector Line Headquarters.
Syed Saqib Shah emphasized the importance of taking an active part in the drive by the individual and playing their role. He said that in Pakistan the devastating floods of 2022 are a grim reminder of the destructive consequences of climate change.
SP Motorway police said that NHMP in collaboration with the forest department will carry out extensive plantation of indigenous trees alongside Hazara Motorway which will help to stabilize the slopes against land sliding.
He underscored that it is the responsibility of every citizen to make Pakistan greener for future generations and said that the Hazara division, with its rich flora and vegetation, is famous for its lush green valleys, which attract tourists from all over the world, thus It is, therefore, the responsibility of its inhabitants to maintain its greenery and beauty.
He said, “planting trees is a form of charity (Sadqa-e-Jariya), and everyone must plant at least a tree as a token of gratitude to their motherland. He said that the oxygen we breathe today is the result of the trees planted years ago.” “It is our duty to provide clean and safe air for future generations, in conclusion, quoting a proverb he said, adding, If you want to leave a mark in this world, you need to plant a tree or write a book before you depart, he said.”