Turkish diva Esra Bilgic’s hot photos leave fans stunned

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ANKARA: Turkish diva and Ertugrul actress Esra Bilgic is one of the most noted and renowned celebrities not only in her country but worldwide and she continues to rule the hearts of her die-hard fans, thanks to her drop-dead gorgeous looks.

Bilgic is bold enough and she keeps experimenting different things to slay her fans on social media who are already head over heels for her.

Dirilis: Ertugrul’s Halime, on her Instagram uploaded mind-blowing photos showing only a side of her mesmerizing face and her perfectly toned hourglass figurine donning a black net dress revealing most of her back.

Esra is wearing emerald green earrings complimenting her classy outfit and a mild makeup which enhances her killer features even more.

Bilgic seems to be sky-gazing totally immersed in her thoughts. The photos went viral within moments of her posting them which proves that her fans are glued to their screens stalking her and waiting for eye-candy content from her.