TV actress Anum Fayyaz quits showbiz for Islam

F.P. Report

LAHORE: Pakistani TV actress and model Anum Fayyaz announced that she is quitting showbiz industry for the sake of Islam as she wants to adopt a complete religious lifestyle.

Anum Fayyaz took to her Instagram handle and shared a post in which she wrote: “Assalam-U-Alaikum! This is a difficult message to send since you all have been so supportive of my media career. I have decided to leave the industry and follow of an Islamic life style and have taken steps to have my digital presence reflects this lifestyle. I kindly ask you all to keep me in your prayers as I go on this journey. Thank You so much for your never-ending love and support.”

This caption showed her love for her fans and also described her heartfelt feelings of care for them.

After receiving this massage from her side, friends and fans of the actress extended their showers of blessings upon her and highly encouraged her to practice her religion.

She has worked in different blockbuster drama serials and made a distinctive position in industry through her wonderful performances.

No doubt it is hard for a person to leave the benefits of ‘Duniya’ (present world) for the sake of good position in ‘Akhrah’ (the hereafter). As many people prefer the glamour and fame of the world without thinking good and evil, but when Allah chooses a person, He guides him towards the right path in a complete way. Moreover, if a person decides to live according to the teachings of his religion, the society should encourage him with wonderful blessing.