UK Statement for the Interactive Dialogue with the Independent Investigative Mechanism for Myanmar

F.P. Report

LONDON: UK Human Rights Ambassador Rita French delivered her statement in support of the Mechanism in Myanmar and called for evidence of human rights violations to be collected.

Rita French

Thank you Mr President,

Let me warmly thank colleagues for this morning’s silence for Hr late Majesty Elizabeth the second.

The UK continues to condemn the military coup in Myanmar, the violence against the people of Myanmar, and the unlawful detention and execution of figures in the deposed civilian government and civil society by the military.

Security forces continue to commit atrocities throughout the country, with credible reports of torture, burning of villages, sexual violence, violence against children, and mass killings. 600,000 Rohingya remain in Rakhine state, where they face systemic discrimination; are denied their citizenship rights and access to education and healthcare.

The UK will continue to apply pressure through international fora, targeted sanctions and other means to respond to the junta’s actions. We have also announced our intention to intervene in the ICJ case brought by The Gambia for Myanmar’s alleged breach of the Genocide Convention. We welcome the Mechanism’s cooperation with the Court.

The international community must support the IIMM to collect and preserve incidents of human rights violations. The UK has provided 500,000 pounds sterling of core funding, and established the Myanmar Witness programme.

Mr Koumjian,

What actions can the international community take to improve evidence gathering for alleged crimes relating to gender and children?