Umaima Aziz

Unemployment is a serious issue in our country. As it is increasing day by day.some people are highly capable and a few among them have good education and fulfil all the requirements of a particular job, but couldn’t get one just because of unemployment.

The jobless people can always be dangerous to a nation’s well-being. Those youth of the country who are unemployed are getting frustrated and falling a prey to drug addiction, theft, violence and many other social harms. Terrorists, drug traffickers and smugglers are engaging them in evil activities.

Unemployment is a significant issue for any economy. It creates adverse impacts on the unemployed as they are jobless and suffer from worse chances to find a new job, and those who are employed feel less secure about keeping their jobs in future.

It is the job of the government to strictly monitor the implementation of laws.
The people of the country should help the government to fight against unemployment. Therefore, every citizen should follow the rules and regulations in their true spirit and should maintain discipline. To make our country successful, along with the government, every individual should do their part of the job.